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MediaMask design
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BSI and his partners has acquired a reputation for revolutionizing the industry with innovative and creative new products. Sometimes our engineering concepts seem a little crazy at first but that's how we continue to stay ahead of the bowling entertainment curve.

In keeping with this tradition, we now introduce BAM! MediaMask. you won't be able to keep up with your waiting list once you customers have seen this ridiculous SIX bowling lanes of media coverage with a staggering 449" of the diagonal viewing area in HD quality. Words won't begin to describe the pandemonium experience in your center upon viewing this bad boy.


Excite your bowling and your customers with the best graphics and display options the bowling industry has to offer.

MediaMask is the only masking unit system that gives you the flexibility of adding video screens in the future.

Our ILT Controller "Smart Motor" with multi-screen control options make MediaMask easy to control from the front desk.

  • Both fixed screen and convertible versions
  • Option of adding video screens in the future
  • The largest library of designs to choose from
  • Custom designs possible
  • easy to manage from the front desk

We are sure that our range of masking unit systems will set you apart from the crowd by given you an awesome and a fresh look to your Bowling environment. Find out what we can do for you contact BSI at by clicking on the link:, or copy the e-mail address into your preferred e-mail program.

BSI-Masking units
We will let you see
The Big picture

Large variety of cool and colourful designs, or choose your own graphic with a unique look.



These graphics are without a doubt the brightest in the business, and, their intensity won't quit on you—they have the best longevity of any glow graphic in the industry.

Once you see the difference, you won't be able to go back to a dull glow.

Vacuum casting rapid plastic parts

Pin Deck
Lighting System

The most comprehensive Pin Deck Lighting Fixture in the bowling industry.


Imagine a Pin Deck Light that can add effects such as Color Chasing, Music or Video Synchronization, and Ambient Colored Lighting that can be produced on single lanes, pairs, or groups of lanes and even across the entire bowling center, while still having the ability to switch to Standard White Light for League Play..

Effect and Colors BSI's Pin Deck Lighting System has the ability to produce over 15 million colors and special effects to enhance your bowler’s experience while maintaining the integrity of league bowling in the white light mode. The effects are fully controlled by USB Control box the most versatile and the international standard in LED lighting controls.

BSI's Pin Deck Lighting System has the ability of color chasing, music and video synchronization, and ambient colored lighting.