Hybrid Bowling
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At BSI, we specialize not only in bowling equipment but also in the creation of hybrid bowling centers, which feature a unique blend of a family entertainment center with boutique bowling center features.

Hybrid bowling centers are an extremely popular alternative to boutique bowling centers and family entertainment centers, as it enables you to appeal to a much broader audience. And a broader audience base means more business!

What's more, there are relatively few hybrid bowling centers in existence which means you'll have a leg up on the competition since you'll offer features that just aren't available elsewhere!


Our experience means that BSI can tend to every aspect when it comes to creating your hybrid bowling center. We can help plan the layout and design of the bowling area of your venue. In addition, BSI also carries all of the equipment you need to create your center, including (but not limited to):

  • bowling lanes and lane machines
  • bumper and gutter systems
  • bowling pins and pinsetters
  • ball return hoods
  • automatic scoring machines
  • bowling balls and shoes
  • lane care and cleaning supplies
  • miscellaneous equipment and replacement parts

….and beyond.


BSI also carries a range of different furniture items to complete your hybrid bowling center. Our clients can select from an array of different bowling alley tables, couches and seats from leading manufacturers such as US Vantech and Celebrity Furniture, among others.

In addition to building hybrid bowling centers, we also offer services for family entertainment centers, residential bowling alleys, boutique bowling centers and beyond. Quite simply, we're your one-stop shop, whether you're in need of help building new bowling lanes or simply need to upgrade or re-stock your existing facility.

If you'd like to discuss the creation of a hybrid bowling center, we invite you to contact BSI today!